Wooden Carvings

black cherry - bowls 2014 and 2017 line 600x400

Decorative Bowls

Featured are two bowls turned from Black Cherry. Both are finished with woodturning wax.

The smaller, carved in 2014 has curved interior and exterior sides, and is 6 1/8 inches in diameter. The wood has deepened in color and contrast with age.

The larger, carved in 2017, has an inside curving lip and is 7 1/4 inches in diameter.

Custom Work, Custom Pricing

DSC02898 baby rattles - various

Baby Toys

Seen here are two Baby Rattles.

On the left is a bird carved from Canarywood with Walnut, Leopardwood, and Curly Maple rattles.

On the right is a rabbit carved from Curly Maple with Yellowheart, African Padauk, and Purpleheart rattles.

All parts are sealed with food-safe Carnauba Wax.

Prices start at $40 CAD

DSC02134 - cocobolo yoyo


Cocobolo Yo-yo. Fun to say. Finished with woodturning wax.

Prices start at $25 CAD

DSC02239 - backscratcher - zebrawood

Back Scratcher

Turned from Zebrawood.

Prices start at $20 CAD

DSC02501 - plant tray - limba

Plant Tray

Seen here is a recessed Plant Tray custom fit, carved from Black Limba.

Custom Work, Custom Pricing

DSC02060 - mushrooms - teak & ash

Wooden Mushrooms

Pictured are two wooden mushrooms, the tops are turned from Teak and the stems are turned from White Ash; displayed in a block of Western Red Cedar.

Carved for plantbabies.ca for use in terrariums.

Custom Work, Custom Pricing

black cherry shogi in development


In Development - Pictured are Black Cherry blanks for a Shogi (Japanese Chess) set.

Custom Work, Custom Pricing

Also available:

• Spinning tops

• Chess sets


Prices do not include gift-wrapping, shipping, or taxes